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20 February 2010 @ 06:17 pm
Kaitlyn had one and it looked really cool!
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27 April 2009 @ 08:21 pm
Whoever did that to my cousin , will be slapped ! I'm sure all of you know the story so no use of writing all this shit down . But, I did call Kaitlyn and she says hi to everyone . I was really upset when I saw what happned to Kaitlyn's livejournal. I mean, how can someone go that low ? So yeah , I just wanted to say , if you are the one who fucked it up , you better watch your back because there will be over 500 people on your ass .

But, my friend sent me this funny video so , I guess it kinda made me feel better :


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01 April 2009 @ 06:05 pm
Freakin' teacher put a huge joke on all of us today. He made my friend Michelle, the two dudes I did the commercail with, me, and a bunch of other people cry. I was hella crying because he told us he was leaving and how he's moving to a new school to be a vice principal and how it pays $30,000 more than what he's getting now. Something about how he has to do it for his family and stuff. Shit. I was holding back my tears but there was one person who just bursted. Well, you know how most kids would be like, "YAY! He's leaving!" But, half of my class was crying. >:( Then, after lunch, another teacher you know, MS. WILSON (<------oh fuck.) ,the principal, and mr. chadda was like, " Okay, ready. APRIL FOOLS!" Me&my friend Michelle were hella still tearing up though. Because like you know, he just barely told us 45 minutes ago. So yeah. Then, all of a sudden, we all get mad. You know what? I was gonna bake him cookies. Please. Not anymoree. Fuck. I was so mad. We're all plotting to get him back too. Any suggestions? lol. Oh yeah, did I mention he looks like Abe Lincoln? Yeah. So, in the beginning of the year I used to tease him and then, I stopped calling him that because he kept getting mad and we were playing a game of dodgeball and I made him a deal, "If you give us all the balls, I'll stop calling you Abe." So yeahh, I guess I stopped calling him that. Until now. I was so mad, I told him, "Ha! I'm going to start calling Abe again and I'm gonna bake everyone cookies except for you!" 

Anyways, I'm working on some icons. xD I'm so slow. Always busy. Abe is always giving us homework. But, you know, since he pranked us so badly and made moret than half of us cry, he said NO HOMEWORK! (: Yay! So, I'mma be posting up todayy. (:
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24 March 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Yes. I know...

I watched Raw yesterday. Missed Saninto though... Aw FUCK! ): I tried finding in on youtube, but I decided it would take to long so I'm just gonna wait 'til my uncle stops watching TV. Which will be at 6:30 AM? Yes, and it's 7 PM now. So, that sucks. xD Seriously though, he's always watching TV. >:( Well, watched the last moments of Raw. Randy kissed Stephaniee..Hmm..I don't know what's gonna happen next so if you got predictions or ANSWERS tell me. Because I know you guys are really good at predicting and I suck. lol. xD
Oh yeah! I got a new friend! Amazing right? Well, not really. I told her to make a lj so I can talk to her and shit. Hi shawna_sock_you ! *waves* & Nice nickname for Tina. xD Taffy? Ahaha, but Tacostealer is better! (:

Hm...what else? Well, Tina is being weird. xD She tried to say sorry and shit since I was ignoring her. But, I was the one who was apoligizing first wasn't I? Ahaha, then she tries to apoligize:

Me&Shawna were playing basketball when Tina just stares at us....
Tina: Camille! Camille! Can I talk to you please?
Me: *contiues playing basketball*
Tina: Camille!
Me: What?! 
Tina: I'm sorry! Talk to me please!
Me: What?! Why?! What are you even doing here?! Why don't you go play with Joyann since she knows you so well? Huh? She knows you, I don't know you so just leave me alone!

Note: This was a long time ago.
&she keeps trying to apologize until now. She is ignoring me and whenever she sees me she turns around. But, it's funny to me though. xD I don't care if she does that. I just laugh.

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15 March 2009 @ 06:39 pm
Oh look. I am having the best day. Oh yeah. Joyann is Tacostealer.
Isn't this awesome?Collapse )
cAm1LLe97 (6:14:35 PM): I can't do this anymoree.
Freaktx357 (6:14:36 PM): w'sup ?
Freaktx357 (6:14:43 PM): what ?
cAm1LLe97 (6:14:51 PM): you know
cAm1LLe97 (6:14:59 PM): Not talk to you
cAm1LLe97 (6:15:37 PM): When I commennted you on myspace, you seemed so mad
Freaktx357 (6:15:58 PM): I am not mad
Freaktx357 (6:16:33 PM): Kevin is on talk to him
Freaktx357 (6:16:37 PM): byee
Freaktx357 (6:16:45 PM): don't talk to me
cAm1LLe97 (6:16:56 PM): Why?
cAm1LLe97 (6:16:59 PM): See.
cAm1LLe97 (6:17:15 PM): This is exactly what I'm talking about
Freaktx357 (6:17:30 PM): don't like it, don't be my friend
cAm1LLe97 (6:17:47 PM): Don
cAm1LLe97 (6:17:49 PM): 't
cAm1LLe97 (6:17:56 PM): bring this drama to me
cAm1LLe97 (6:20:01 PM): Who's telling you this?!
cAm1LLe97 (6:20:04 PM): What the hell?
Freaktx357 (6:20:17 PM): what ?
cAm1LLe97 (6:20:28 PM): Why are you acting like this?
Freaktx357 (6:20:39 PM): I am acting like nothing
Freaktx357 (6:20:47 PM): I am acting like myself
cAm1LLe97 (6:22:15 PM): Who's telling you to act like this. This is not the Tina I met in Kindergarten
cAm1LLe97 (6:22:32 PM): Hell this is not the one i was talking to last week
cAm1LLe97 (6:22:35 PM): !
Freaktx357 (6:22:42 PM): whatever
Freaktx357 (6:22:46 PM): you don't know me
Freaktx357 (6:22:53 PM): Joyann knows me
cAm1LLe97 (6:23:07 PM): FINE!
cAm1LLe97 (6:23:09 PM): !!!!!
cAm1LLe97 (6:23:14 PM): FUCK!
Freaktx357 (6:23:31 PM): I am sorry .
Freaktx357 (6:23:42 PM): I am not the same person
Freaktx357 (6:24:04 PM): I love you Camille, but I can't take it
Freaktx357 (6:24:09 PM): byee
cAm1LLe97 (6:24:19 PM): You know what, Don't talk to me anymoree

</div>I ended up crying my eyes out. :( Hiding in Kaitlyn's bedroom.
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11 March 2009 @ 06:07 pm
My friend Tina is ignoring me. I think I know why. Shit! Well, umm...I sorta was talking and I started talking crap about Tacostealer then, I sorta remembered she was "friends" with Tacostealer. But, yeahh. I don't know. But, everytime I caught her eye, it's just like Tacostealer's. I think they have this mob of people who don't like me and they put curses on me. Because today was sorta crappy. A basketball hit me on the head, I practically failed in math, and evil stares including one from a police. Not quite sure why though. I was just walking home and listening to my iPod. And no, I was not dancing wildly.
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05 March 2009 @ 05:20 pm
Party was on Saturday. Had a buncho of fun. I'll post up what happened later. Going to Target.
Lookie what I got...Collapse )
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27 February 2009 @ 02:53 pm
Screw her! I hate Tacostealer! Dammit! Please. I'm freakin' begging you just kill her! Once again, she was being a total asshole right in front of my face. We were at lunch and I had no choice but to sit at the table she was at. So, Tacostealer&my friend Johnny were talking about all the commercials and stuff. Then, she brins up Muscle Gum & say, "Ugh. What the hell was that? Muscle Gum? That was so gay. I couldn't even understand their commercail." Haha. Like yours was even better, she's just hating because she didn't make it to top two. Haha. She made me mad&she made me cry. Then, my friend told me at the end of the day that Tacostealer said it was a joke. Yeah, right. You know she hates me. She didn't say it to my face, she whispered it! WTF?! Yeah. That's a joke, alrightt.
On the other hand, WE WON! Oh hell yeah! We own them! Everybody was chanting MUSCLE  GUM when they announced our prouduct. I was surprised as hell! Damn! We each got 100 Grand chocolate bars& a fake $300,000 check. lol. I really wanted to keep the check but NO! Kevin had to run away with it.& he persuaded Dennis by giving him his chocolate bar. >:(
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26 February 2009 @ 02:07 pm
Had to do a school project. Three people in a group had to make a commercial. & the top two from my class would vs. some other class from there top two. And guess what? Haha. We got the most votes. So, tomorrow. We have to verus some other people I don't really know what to expect but, we're playing for candy. So, I really want to win! :DD
Here's the commercial:

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25 February 2009 @ 05:14 pm

Subject: Trish and Ashley
Themes: Just numbers; 1-44
Warnings/Disclaimers: None. I guess there is cusing in one. xD
Credit: Pictures from
http://rawisrock.com/trishashleyfan/& thanks to Rory for the Summerslam '06 picture! :)
Notes: Apperances from: Mickie James, Maria, Torrie Wilson & Lilian Garcia
Comments are awesome. :DD

Credit if you take.

Click.Collapse )</div></div>
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